The quality for Smart Leather is not just an aesthetic factor but it is also synonymous of integrity and fairness toward customers, environment and all the company stakeholders.

Traceability and transparency

Smart Leather Italia has decided to join the project TF-Transparency and Fashion for the transparency of fashion industry production promoted by ITF – Italian Textile Fashion.

Every customer who purchases a bag, a wallet or any other accessory branded Tomassini, has the possibility to check online, using a numerical code provided with the product, that every stage of production, from dyeing to cutting, from assembly to finishing, is been carried out in Italy.

We believe that total transparency is nowadays becomes a fundamental right for the consumer and it represent part of the value of the product itself.


Smart Leather pays strong attention to individuals who work inside the company.

– The safety and healthiness of the workplace is guaranteed by continuous adaptation of equipment and workplaces to ensure employees the minimization of work-related risks.

– The company is also engaged in the ongoing monitoring of the health of its employees through complete check made every six months up on all the staff in order to preserve the good physical condition.


Smart Leather has always been very active in the promotion and development of the manufacturing district to which it belongs. The company carries out numerous projects in this direction, in particular:

CERCAL Footwear International Research Center and School – Based in San Mauro Pascoli since 1984, the school is managed by a pool of 50 local companies, world leaders in the high-end footwear industry. The center has two main goals: promoting the high quality Italian shoes and leather manufacturing and the creation of new skilled professionals able to work in the most prestigious companies. To achieve these goals CERCAL organizes courses and workshops in its seat in San Mauro Pascoli.

CNA FEDERMODA: organization engaged in supporting and enhancing local production, protection of legality and fighting counterfeiting.

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